“Villains don’t suffer, and that face is full of the most dreadful pain.”

NPG 148; King Richard III by Unknown artist

From 「National Portrait Gallery

“But to me it has always seemed to be intense unhappiness.”



From「State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda」

“Party activists in rural areas tended to use slogans, generalities, and oversimplifications.” en, probably the brain will deceive you, but the eyes can tell you the truth. And this is where the intuition comes from, and it’s from staring?



Arthur Russell -「This is how we walk on the moon」

“innocuous” is a tricky word, which probably conveys such vibes as a people person without vicious intentions or a war fought for the righteous without mass injuries and mutilations.


king kong

The most treasured thing ultimately comes out to be the leisure time, to some extent, which would also lead to feeling bored. With it, (1) I can think; (2) I can make the right judgement; (3) I will not lose the intuition. In this way, perhaps work could be said to be the best disguise, for solitude and for being stupid. Prayer: more sleep.



椿三十郎 - 1962_201473122393

From 椿三十郎」

Have no fond memories of talking and probably the mind power leaks during the talking. So we could seek sanctuary in the non-talking-discipline? How to talk eloquently perhaps is on an equal basis with How to age gracefully.

“You may behave like an asshole, but you must never be one”


By Martin Kippenberger

How many decent people are out there doing sneaky stuff?Count me in.



It might be in a high percentage that we do so-and-so simply out of fear, or rephrase that, we are prone to being held hostage by fear. And fear leads to self-fulfilling prophecy.  What a perfect plan~(比如,「镜花缘」里的伯虑国,还有,“The vicious cycle starts: if you fail at something, you think it is your fault … you believe you can’t so you don’t even try.”)



神仙下凡总不以真面目示人。宙斯化身为牛,炼丹炉童子化身为金角大王。真心也应该是一样吧,以真面目示人难免让人觉得无趣。(但是在Joan Cornella这里, 他不是那只狗,但她还是那只鸡,Surprise~  “ I am an extremely straight person.”)

“They can be beaten or insulted but they never cease to smile”

joan cornella

From 「Man Behind Gory Art」

Against the vagaries of the dark sides of being human, I have to keep capricious, to be a liar, perhaps.



Namely, the can-not-shake-off foreboding feeling is: lose the drive; and the annoying fact is: the good old days which would be memorable for me are perhaps these Leidensjahre.

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